The world of Queen, King, rook, bishop, knight and pawn, with the queen being the most powerful followed by others, all fighting diagonally and vertically and horizontally with a point goal- to save the king. It’s not just a game of time or a match between white and black, chess is an expression of oneself full of strategies, experience and presence of mind. Chess is widely popularized at both national and international levels and is being fond of among all age groups.

Right Age to Play Chess

The righteous age to start playing chess cannot be justified but can be best experienced at the age of 10 or 11, because that the age of change in the human’s persona both physically and mentally. Magnus Carlsen, Vishwanathan Anand, Judit Polgar are some of the famous names in the chess community. Vishwanathan Anand born in Tamil Nadu, India is an Indian Chess Grandmaster and a five time World Chess Champion. From an early age he was an keen and ardent player of chess and he was known by the saying, “Lighting Kid” for his rapid speed and excellence. “What could be the reason of his excellence”? Practice, for sure and heightened state of mind through meditation, daily prayers, music and hobbies. He has also won many awards and is a renowned name amongst the people.

Chess is a game of ups and downs

Chess is a game of ups and downs, and a chance turn of events. Sacrifice of a piece can led to a victory or an already won game could be lost in a chess match. A chess match is not over until the last minute. A game of pretending, a game of planning and a game of presumption, chess leads to the highest point of mental thinking ability. A game of chess does not necessarily require a high IQ level, it requires stability, patience, skills and abstract strategy. Chess is a must played activity at childhood, adolescence and even adulthood. Schools should provide opportunity to its students and encourage them to play chess by organizing competitions and various events. Not only, it makes them brainsmart but also marks as a good co-curricular activity.

Chess is world of 64 squares

Chess is an entire world of just 64 squares. One can control it, ease it, dominate it, can make it predictable. It is an one on one game, so it one to blame to lose and one to congratulate to win. Some folks refer chess as a game of luck, while others refer it to be solely a game of skills. We are responsible for the moves and for the counterattack of the opponents move, there is no third party or any external factors affecting the game. We all must have played chess in our phones and laptops and have lost against the computer each time.

Learn to Play Chess

Computers always outsmart us, we often try to cheat, make wrong moves but it always wins. Might it be a scam, artificial intelligence or our foolishness, but that is what a game of chess is. You win. You lost. You even tie. One can learn a lot from the game of chess. You never know what the next move or what is the most important piece in a game of chess. A pawn could turn the game upside down and sometimes even the queen could make you lose a game. Endless estimations and possibilities lie within those 64 squares. “The Queens Gambit”, a popular Netflix show discovers the pros and cons of a chess player and her obsession with the game.

Chess Grandmaster

Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian chess grandmaster, four time World Rapid Chess Chamion, and five times World Chess Champion. He holds many records and championships under his name. He loves the middle part of the chess game as it comes down to its purest form. With an innate sense and incredible flexibility, many ideas comes to Carlsen’s mind naturally, He can convert a minimal advantage into a real one. This game of psychological lapses and mental stability is played in worldwide households and at the top international levels with tons of curious minds from all over the world competing for the Grandmaster title.

Final Thought

From a sec to even hours, the duration of a chess game may vary. Sometimes the game could be a hard watch and sometimes it’s a amusing field between two persons. Chess is seen as a emotion of hard work, struggles and conquer in many movies like Harry Potter, Twilight etc. where chess is played with live humans. Is chess the zenith of brain excellence or just a practice of several pieces? The question is departing, not everyone could excel it but is a good form of brain mastering. Chess could be thought of as an compulsory sport in schools as it helps in the betterment of children and leads to future opportunities and development. So, yes chess is a game played with a set of rules and it also represents the parody or personality of a player cause the bishops and pawns are waiting on the board to protect the king at any consequence.

By: Aniket Rana

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