Playing Chess is a Mind-Challenging Game

As of now, we used to spend quality time in different areas, especially in the name of entertainment. Isn’t it?  Most of us look forward to several ways to entertain ourselves on some special occasions. But there are some games that not only entertain us but also act as our passionate career too. There are many games like cricket, football, hockey, etc and all are well known to everyone. Among all, there is a mind-challenging game that entertains and improves us mentally too. It is popularly known as a chess game. It’s not easy to learn chess in an entertainment mode. In this game, too much of concentration and practice is required to win. Moreover, you have to be aware of different strategies especially based on your opponent’s game plan. Once you are aware of the tricks and traps of knowing your opponent’s chess player, you can easily win the game.

Understand the chessboard clearly

You can find plenty of tutorials online to learn typical strategies for playing chess. Learning chess is different from tutors rather than playing individually. Getting self-trained is equally difficult. Choosing the right learning platform and the right guidance is more required to play chess.

You know there are several chess online training platforms available now. Online learning is a source for beginners and also to those who want to know the actual basics to learn the game. You know, kids under 4 years of age are becoming passionate about this chess game. But according to game experts’ knowledge, it’s better to stop encouraging the kids to choose this game till they cross the kindergarten.

How psychologically your mind get benefited from this game:

  • Most of the students prefer to learn chess to improve their concentration skills. It not only improves your concentration but also makes you excel in decision-making. Additionally, you may even develop intellectual planning skills, creativity, precise thinking skills, etc.
  • For kids, this game is a best tool to enhance their memory. If you practice chess daily, you can easily excel in your schooling.
  • You also get benefited by balancing your mind. You can develop patience too. And this chess not only benefits you educationally but also makes you psychologically fit and healthy.
  • Taking the demand of this game into consideration, most of the institutions offer online training classes to students during covid like pandemic situations. In short, this game improves the mental sharpness of an individual which benefits the quality of a life.

Playing chess develops the mental ability to understand someone’s perspective easily. For example, you can understand someone else thoughts and mode of thinking. So you can easily maintain healthy relationships for a lifetime with proper understanding. According to some research reports, playing this game daily improves your memory power and also eradicates the problem of dementia during old age as well.

Some downsides of playing chess

Apart from the positive benefits of this game, there are some drawbacks for the players who play for time pass.

  • This game is extremely stressful for the players who play with a winning objective only. You can see the players feel more tensed and stressed while playing. Especially if you play this game during competitions, you may observe some kind of disturbance in your nervous system during resolving tough chess matches.  But this kind of stressful activity cannot be seen by inexperienced players.
  • As we all know chess is good for stabilizing and boosting your memory performance. But there are equal risks that you don’t recognize while playing this game. Initially, you have to sit and concentrate on the steps to win the game and that is what you observe. Here you never distract from the game which leads to a lack of zero physical moves from the place you resided. This is the drawback of playing this game as you may become obese easily as you continuously sit and play this chess game. Of course some experienced chess players don’t agree with this drawback as they are passionate and love this game. This is why playing this game needs equal workouts and exercises to avoid chronic health diseases.
  • Consumes more time to learn this game for beginners: 

It’s time-consuming being a beginner. Here you have to understand the game, learn the game rules, know about the history, tricks, and strategies, etc. It entirely takes more time but once you crack the game basics, you can play the game easily.  It’s one of the drawbacks for beginners as this game takes a lot of time to learn the game well.

One major drawback is seen both in virtual and offline chess gaming

Playing chess is the same on both online and offline mode platforms. But the key difference is in virtual mode, you don’t find opponents to interact but it is seen in offline chess gaming. As we all know that chess game even develops social relations and interactions. If you want to practice the game continuously, online gaming is the best platform. But if you want to maintain relations with your opponents, offline chess gaming is a good choice.


Chess is not a game. It’s an addiction to passionate players and learners who love to enjoy this game. It’s a fun game but it’s a mind booster too. If you participate in several competitions, it shows how much capable you are in playing this game with your practice.

By: Swaroopa Manthri

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