CHESS – A Miraculous Game  

Chess is an internationally played game. It is an indoor game which is played by two individuals. It is an interesting and nice game to play. It is a game that demands focus, strategies and techniques. The player should be able to understand his/her opponent’s move and then make a move accordingly. It instils logic and reasoning skills in the player.

“Move in Silence, only speak when it’s time to say Check Mate” 


Chess is one of the oldest games which has been played for more than 1400 years. There are many versions of the history of chess, however nothing clear can be said about it. A legend says that Han Xin, a commander invented chess to represent an important battle of China around 200 BC. Another story says that a sultan wanted a new game as he felt very bored. Then a poor man invented a game similar to chess and the sultan was impressed by it and asked the man to give the game for free. The poor man asked the king to give 1 grain of rice for the first square and then double for every other square. The sultan agreed and consequently the poor man became one of the richest men.

It is also to be noted that the game chess was also mentioned in the heart-stealing novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone , published in 1997. 

Components of Chess:

Each player is given a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. White always makes the first move, followed by black. Each component is moved according to the rules by the player. 

Love for Chess:

     “ If you’ve never fallen in love and don’t know what it feels like, learn to play chess” – Avetik Grigoryan.

    “ Every Chess Master was once a beginner “ 

   “ We learn little from Victory and much from defeat “

Chess is one of the amazing games ever played. People just lose their love for chess gradually after several failures. Each time we play chess we get a new lesson with a new experience. Losing the game is very common while playing chess and it is not right to quit. Maybe once you lose the game negative emotions may overwhelm you. But with consistence you will soon become a grandmaster and it gives you immense pleasure. So remember, every failure blossoms into success and every negative emotions turns into positive one. 

Chess and Life:

Chess can be associated with life in several ways.

First, if you make your own moves without understanding your opponent’s move, it is for sure that you will lose the game. Similarly, in life too if you keep talking without listening and understanding other’s emotions you will only face loss. This is the basis for many relationship problems that people face.

Second, each and every move is important in chess. So you should make your move in a wise manner. Similarly, each and every step in your life is important which has to be taken in a wise and cautious manner.

Third, in chess a lost component is loss. You have to play with the remaining components. If you have lost a component it doesn’t mean that you have lost the game. If you play the game with remaining components in a wise manner, there are chances of you winning the game. Similarly in life too, if you have made any mistake it doesn’t mean that everything is gone. And there is no point in fretting over our past mistakes. You just have to keep moving without repeating that mistake again.

Fourth, after the game is over king, queen, pawn, bishop and every other component is put back in the same box. Only in the game one is superior than the other. Similarly in life too we may be superior or inferior than others, but at the end we all move in to the soil. So it is important that we treat everyone with respect.

Top Players:

Vishwanathan Anand, Gukesh D, Praggnanandhaa R, S.P Sethuraman, Vishali Ramesh Babu and Savitha Shri B are some of the top chess players in India. It is highly encouraging to know that the top chess players are awarded prestigious awards. Both males and females enthusiastically participate in Chess.  

Chess as a career:

Chess can be chosen as a career if one has deep passion and confidence in playing chess. More the practice, more the player becomes skilled. The skilled always get paid more and can find many opportunities and can make wise use of it. It has to be noted that only high paying jobs can’t be your career. Before choosing your career you just have to make sure that you are passionate and skilled at it.  

By: Jayashree

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