Chess – Most Popular Board Game

Intro on Chess – Most Popular Board Game

Chess – most popular board game in the world. And a popular thing naturally has its unique and unparalleled characteristics. Chess also leads to a significant influence on my everyday life.

Chess Boosts Player’s Planning Skill

Firstly, it boosts the player’s planning skills. “Every move counts.” The proverb fully expresses the essence of the game. Before you make a move, you think about the repercussions of your decision to achieve victory. “Should I move the queen?” “Nah, the queen will be eaten by the rook. Which is a huge loss!” When you attend a chess tournament, a timer will remind you of the remaining time. This is where planning comes in.

You think of a plan because it helps you to focus your efforts on achieving goals and objectives in the game. A scheme is a series of moves applying strategy, such as controlling a particular square on the board, launching an attack, or preparing a defense. “In chess, as in life, opportunity comes to those who create it.” You create a chance by catching your opponent’s vulnerabilities and taking the opportunity to succeed. 

Chess Strengthen Relationship Between People

Besides, it strengthens the relationship between people. Malaysia, my beloved country, consists of people from different backgrounds, races, and traditions. Of course, Malay is a national language, but if I put a game of chess in front of two players that do not have the same background, they bond over a similar activity and develop a shared interest.

A shared interest is necessary for a relationship because they have a common ground to build upon, which can help to break down barriers and promote positive interactions. It can lead to closeness or intimacy as they engage in the same activity they enjoy and learn from each other. So, I suggest government consider enabling chess as a compulsory hobby in schools and promote the board game in the neighborhood.

Generally, any board game is welcomed as it is popular and does not lead to bias. “Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.” Individuals share joyful experiences and are more likely to develop a sense of connection, which can unite the nation.

Chess Improves Memory

Thirdly, it improves memory. In the costume drama, The Queen’s Gambit, Beth, once a bystander of a chess match, can easily remember the moves played and restore the chess game that is destroyed by an overturned chess board. Nevertheless, it can hone mental flexibility and protects the player against dementia (Alzheimer’s disease).

As humanity have a higher age rate, dementia is dreadful for old people. It can cause consequences to the person itself and their family. For example, the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi is suffering from the disease and can no longer recognize his family members.

Cognitive impairment deteriorates cognitive function, and chess may be an outcome of the sickness. A light is needed ahead of the dementia patient. I believe, with the spread of the game into pension agencies, the aged can delay their signs of infecting dementia while waiting for the solution to be rolled out.

Chess is a Spirit

Chess is not just a board game, but a spirit. You are not necessarily required to buy a board game to play chess, but you can draw the squares on an A4 paper using a pen. Ivory chessmen can be counterfeit by roughly drawing their image on paper and cutting it into lattice-shaped.

In my class, one of my classmates produces a board game with just two papers and a pen! Initially, I was astonished because I have never seen something like that before. It is that time that I deeply comprehend the spirit of a board game “The spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law.” Luckily, my classmates apply it for entertainment when we have free time. It enables more people in the class to learn more about the game. 

In my personal life, I always visit my grandfather and play a chess games with him. My lovely grandfather and I shared a love of playing chess and it tightens the ties between us. Although conversation in a chess game is unlikely to happen, we have been together for a long time. Thus, we gossip a lot and have a deeper understanding of each other thoughts and opinions. Fun fact: since I have played so many chesses matches with my dear grandfather, my number of wins gradually increases and my grandfather is complaining about it!


In conclusion, chess is not just a board game, but a spirit that can bring people together, improve cognitive function, and enhance planning skills. It is a game that transcends barriers of language, culture, and background, and it can promote positive interactions and unite people. Chess is a valuable tool that can be used to strengthen relationships, delay cognitive decline, and teaching strategic thinking. By promoting chess as a hobby in schools and communities, we can spread the spirit of the game and enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

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