Black & White Chess World

Behind The Colorful World What Exists Is Mundane Black and White Reality?

The world is nothing but black & white chess world behind that colourful facade. A rainbow can only be seen when it rains. In the real world, everything may seem colourful and exuberant only until you get to the battlefield. The reality of the world is that it only consists of power and people with power. Everyone wants to establish their authority, just like in the game of chess.

Two Colours in Chess

There are only two colours, the winning team and the losing team. All you have to do is show your best move at the best time and win the whole world;  Paint it with your colour. Establish your empire and make yourself powerful. But you already know what makes chess so powerful: the team, the players, and the pieces.

Know the Black & White Chess World

Although the superiority of different chess pieces varies, whether it is a king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, or pawn, they are all necessary and will result in victory, despite the fact that some can only move a square. The contribution of even one piece is as important as the checkmate of the queen because the pawn alone forms the foundation of the game and gives the beginning that leads to a wonderful result. The pawn or the king is in the same place at the end, no one above or below, just monochrome, losing their individuality and mixing in togetherness. 

Just like that, what makes the world colourful is the people with whom we live, how we live, work, and how we behave with the people around us. It is up to us to decide whether we want to make our lives monotonous and impose authority through our power, or whether we want to live together and happily with the people around us, regardless of race, gender, power, or money.

Chess – A Game of Two Opponents

Chess may be a game of two opponents fighting for their kingdoms, but it teaches lessons that no other game can. It may seem like a board game between two teams, each consisting of 16 pieces with 4×8 square units of land, trying to capture the whole ground and making sure that checks indulge in their colour. colouring the whole ground in their colour of victory. 

Chess shows us how we can change our lives with a single move. Either we can make our lives colourful or get drowned in that duotone. It’s not just the game between two kingdoms but about how those 16 pieces can make those rest 32 checks drenched in their colour completely, may it be black or white. 

Chess – Teamwork Game

Chess is not about two teams but the teamwork of 16 pieces, how each has its unique characteristics but has the unity to make the whole ground it’s own.

Chess racks your brain to think outside of that 8×8 square and make the right move. Chess gives us the power to think outside the box, it makes us think that letting go of something for something bigger can give you your win.

When we are enjoying a colourful life, without working towards anything, Chess reminds us that you always have a goal. If you get a checkmate, next time you win it in fewer steps, Next time take less time, and so much more. All you need to do is set your goal in life and stop waiting hopelessly for your pickup to succeed because, like in chess, the king has to make a move at some point.

Chess is a Quiet Game

Chess is a very quiet game, but we need to keep in mind that in chess you only speak when you trample others to the ground, to say “Checkmate! 

The depiction of the line “Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice” is done beautifully by chess. Once you lose control you are bound to fall and your kingdom too. It’s about how you take the opponent down and establish your supremacy with your members.

It’s not a fight of kicks but a battle of wits. Chess tells you the right move at the right time; it gives you the power to figure out the end at the start.

No one is less or more, greater or less powerful, as chess tells us that even a mere pawn can become the versatile queen, what you need is persistence and walking the path to undergo the “queening ” of life.

Final Thought

The game of chess is one of winning and losing, but it teaches that if you win and stop, then others can come up with a better win than yours, so it’s not about winning; it’s about persistence in improving, winning, and perfecting yourself. colouring that white and black mundane world in the colours of your success, persistence, and moves.

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