Chess: The Game of Mind

Introduction – Chess: The Game of Mind

Chess: The game of mind is indoor game originated in India. Earlier it was known as ‘chaturanga’. Chess is played between two player. It consist of two colour pieces black and white . It is one of the most interesting games played by different age group of people around the world. It can be played on mobile and  computers also. Playing chess improves brain functionas left hemisphere can deal with the recognition of object and the right hemisphere with the pattern There is different stories famous in different part of world related to origin of chess.

History of Chess: The Game of Mind

  • Some people believe that chess originated at the time of the king Ravan , he invented this game for his wife Mandodari’s entertainment .
  • According to historians chess was played at the time of king Shri Chandragupta (280-250 BC). They wanted to play a game in which a person could win because of using of his brain not merely by his luck just like ludo (earlier called pasa).
  • Chess become popular in Europe and Russia in 9th century.

Rules to Play Chess

  • Chess is played between two players.
  • It is played on square board having black and white block simultaneously .
  • There are total 64 block on the board.
  • There are total 32 pieces total .  16 pieces of the black player and 16 pieces of white player.
  •  16 pieces include  1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knight and 8 pawn.
  •  The king can move only one step in any direction.
  • The Queen can move in any direction straight, diagonally , backward or forward.
  • The Rook can move  in straight line horizontally or vertically in any no of square.
  • The Bishop can move to any no of suare diagonally.
  • The Knight can over the piece moving two and half step makind a L shape.
  • The Pawn on its first move can move either one or two steps , after that it can only move one step but it can cut the piece of another player diagonally.
  • Castling is the rule where King move two sguare in direction of the Rook and the Rook jump over the king and lands on the square next to it. You can’t castle if the king is checked or the King or Rook has moved from his actual position.
  • Check – The king is attacked by opponent’s piece and cannot be checkmate the king has space to be saved.
  • Checkmate- It is position from where the king has no position to escape and the player looses his game.
  • Stalemate- It is a condition where the player has no legal place to move and become safe rather than the block where King is standing.
  •  There are various syombal of the chess pieces and vertical files are marked with 8 letters from left to right and various no from top to bottom.
  • The arrangement of the pieces are done like this – the rooks are at both the corner,than the knights are placed beside them and then the bishop are placed beside and at the centre king is placed and beside king queen is placed , all the pawns are place infront the pieces.
  • The king of the white is placed on black square and king of black is placed on the white square.

Things to do while playing:

  • Being Tactical- Think before you move , plan your move and also think that what your opponent has planned for you.
  • Be focused – While playing your game think about your game only not of the things happening around you.
  • Be patient- If your pieces are cut don’t  panic think carefully about your next move.
  • Be creative – Chess player need to think something different and a perfect plan in order to win the game.
  • Be careful – If your opponent do some mistake, you can make his mistake as your stairs to your win.

How you can win game?

  • Do a aggressive start.
  • Think before you move .
  • Learn some tactics.
  • Learn some different opening move.
  • Practice regularly.
  • Use every pieces very carefully.

Interesting fact about chess 

Marottichal village in India is a village where 90% of people play chess when they are bored to avoid drinking and drugs.


Chess is the game which people of all ages play and enjoy, by playing chess the mind become sharp and the player starts thinking outbox ideas to make a beautiful victory in the game . There are various chess competition organized worldwide and people participate in that after winning the game they not only get prizes but a worldwide recognition. Chess is game which brings people together to think and win big. Chess is game which teaches that a small problem today can end tomorrows problem like a pawn in the game can also do checkmate.

By: Vaishnvi shahi

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