Chess & its Importance in a Student’s Life

All of us at whichever corner of the world we’re present living, plays a wide varities of games, be it our National Sport or the sport, games we love to play. It may be outdoor or indoor games. Outdoors are most preferably played in teams in the ground, for example Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball etc. In case of indoor one, we can play it anytime in the comfort of our home such as video games, Carrom, Monopoly etc. But there’s one game that though we can sit in the comfort of our home but have to exercise our brain too much for playing it. It’s none other than the world wide famous, Chess. More or less we all have quite a brief idea about this game and how it’s played. For some quick remember, let us know few points about this specific game.

It’s a game to enhance our mind power through decision making as a king & such moves that will either attack the opponent or defend itself. This game can be only played by the genius minds. The chess board has 64 black & white checkered boxes. There are two teams, a black and a white. There must be sixteen characters in each of the team set accordingly. 8 pawns, 2 Rooks, 2 Horses, 2 Bishops, 1 Queen & The King who has no work still the main character. If anybody check mates and the king of the opponent team has no option to move them the person loses. This is all about the game and how it’s played.

But according to the topic we tend to know more about why this game, Chess should be added as a part of our school’s extra curricular activities. Now we also have recapitulated our brief idea of the game, Chess and quite well know that it’s not too a simple indoor game to play. It requires farsightedness and a lot intelligency and sensitive moves to win. So we’re very well crystal clear that if anyone would play, it will surely help to enhance the mind power of the person. This is such a game that will be helpful in all the students lives and in their daily activities. In every schools of the part of our world must start including games like Chess in their activities from now onwards.

Not only the students learning it will know to play it but also how to win, have the farsightedness power and handle tough situations completely on their own. The game for geniuses can really be needful in may be the future career of the students. In a school if it is played then they will also be able to concentrate much more better on their studies and score higher marks than they usually used to score. Besides for all these advantages, it would also be a really very high benefit of the school with students performing so great. And for the future world of the students it’ll be beneficial too. That’s why it’ll be really a great step towards the future of the children by the school. 

The decision of the school is totally upon them but as a huge step for transformation in the students life and the school’s journey of achievements, they must include the game of Chess as the mandatory activity. This will also give the children a free gap from the continuous classes and their studies in order to exercise their brain and sharpen them again for some upcoming tasks. Now we can at the end conclude with the saying that:

Not everyone can be meant for Chess, but everyone is meant for its beneficial outcomes of the future.


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