Chess Can be beneficial in various ways

Board games are a fashion now and chess can be beneficial in many ways. Games like chess do have an upper hand over others as it makes a good opportunity to sharpen our thinking skills. Now, it is also being used to improve the mathematical skills of the kids. It helps some to become more and more able in terms of analytical skills. 

Various Aspects of Chess

The game of chess is good for various aspects. This game has been able to improve the marks of several students on several tests. The game is also beneficial from the focus point of view. There is also an improvement in the concentration of the individual.  

There are also benefits in terms of behavioural progress. It means that the individuals will also learn to show respect to their opponents. The opponents can also be someone whom you may not like. But it is important from a career point of view. There will be moments when these skills will be beneficial because they will show the professionalism that is needed from time to time. It will be beneficial from a competitive aspect. It will enable an individual to have a spirit of sportsmanship.

All of the above points do point out that chess is helpful. But there are several more that can point out that n general life also, especially personal, chess can be constructive. It can be beneficial in terms of social skills. Strategy skill is also beneficial as they will assist a person to get out of a difficult situation much more easily. Calm behaviour which chess teaches us is a plus point, while facing our problems. The large number of competitions that one has to face during the career-selecting phase, is another phase during which one needs to be under constant pressure. This is because chess also teaches you to handle pressure.

On the other hand, sports like cricket and football, have one thing in common. They all provide the players to be physically active and provide a chance to vent their anger and frustration. But chess, on the other hand, is all about strategy and moves. The main focal point is the planning that goes into playing this game. It shows that you need to be patient and alert to counter and monitor your opponent’s every move. This shows the skill of observation. It is also an important skill. 

All of the above points are somewhat useful for the individual, especially from creative fields. If someone is creative, then all the above skills can be useful in building a career in creativity. The skill will be an added advantage in terms of building the personality of a person. 

Advantages of Chess

The sheer number of advantages that chess has, is simply mind-blowing. But still, this game is going a bit unnoticed. Its importance is also getting a little bit ignored from a constructive point of view. The strategic part will be beneficial in terms of constructive fields like architecture. It can also have some creative outcomes as an architect can use the skill to make some beautiful structures in a city.

The creative part of chess is crucial as it helps in evolving the imaginative power of an individual. It is important because today, people are currently in a bit of a straightforward state of mind. It means that most people are considering only two fields for employment or a career. The two fields are engineering and medicine. Here, creative skill becomes a bit suppressed for several individuals. So, chess can be beneficial in creating a creative field as an option for several creative minds. 

Final Thought

In all aspects, chess can be beneficial. But there is also a need for the proper implementation of this game into the development system of our country. It means that one needs to put focus on how to use this game for the benefit of the people and the country. The proper utilization of this port for the development of young minds can be fruitful in the future. It will be also good in terms of reducing the addiction that kids have today to video games. The addiction is ultimately resulting in making the kids more violent. There are also plus points of getting better at problem-solving skills. This skill is very much required if you are trying to get into engineering or even management fields. It is a much-needed skill in the current era. Not only it is necessary for the professional field, but also in my personal life. There are certainly some moments when we need to think about a solution to a certain problem.

So, it is necessary to use the advantages of Chess to the best of our potential. We can even use technology to learn this beautiful game. We can play even against an AI or computer to learn and expand our thinking capability.

By: Raunak Jha
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