Chess as a Career

Chess is a game which involves a lot of strategy, calculations, methodical thinking and high intelligence, and these days people are considering chess as a career. Chess helps to improve the intellect of a person, rational power, rational and logical decision, rational thinking, and the potential to easily grasp any concept. A chess player has the ability to take sensible decisions which helps in his or her personal life. Chess involves two people. The first person who declares a checkmate wins the game which is by putting the opponent’s king in a position from where it cannot escape. Chess is an internationally recognized game, and it is played in all regions of the world. The game of chess has high value and dignity.

Opt Chess as a Career

A lot of people in this world have opted chess as their career. There are good opportunities in chess like a professional chess player, a chess trainer, chess instructor, chess arbiter, chess programmer, chess commentator, working for chess federations and many more. A person should acquire enough skills, expertise and knowledge in chess to have a successful career in this field. Playing chess comes from within. People who want to make chess as their career must be passionate about the game. He or she must respect and devote to the game. One can start their career in chess from school life, for example: – sports competition, taking part in inter-school competitions, and then register themselves in district or state level matches. If the person succeeds in the previous stages, then he or she can take part in national or international games and become a professional player in this field.

Chess as a Career or Hobby

Many chess players play this game as their hobby while others participate to gain jobs and occupations in this field. Chess players also receive salaries and prize money according to the games they have played, from the companies that have sponsored them, advertisement and many more. However, a chess player may have to travel from one place to another to participate in tournaments. So, people who are travel enthusiast can enjoy by travelling and exploring the world. A chess player must have communication skills to get information about all the ongoing tournaments.  A professional chess player must have the quality to handle the media if the latter approaches. In the game of chess, money making is a tough job as only the professional people in this field get to make and multiply their money. A person with low rank can face a lot of hurdles to make money, and on top of that chess involves spending of money. This involves travel expense, accommodation, entry fees, and food. If the person is being sponsored by a company, then the burden gets pulled off from his or her shoulder, otherwise for a freelance chess player or other occupations in this field does require a lot of expenditure. So, it is very important for a person to enter famous tournaments and gain sponsorship and revenue from different companies.

Strategy Game

A chess player should always plan a strategy for his or her career in chess. Some people play chess as a hobby whereas others play it as their occupation. Chess players, who choose chess as their career must hone their skills by continuously playing against tough opponents, learn top tier moves, and think of a plan that could be effective in each and every game.  Chess players should also consult and take advice from retired professional chess players or join their coaching classes. Competition for the 1st position is very fierce as there are a large number of players including some professional. Players can also enter clubs for whom they will play in different tournaments and the club owners will pay them an amount of fee. Popular and professional players are sometimes invited for a tournament and later they get paid by the money which has been paid by the audiences. Renowned companies pay a considerable amount to famous chess players to advertise their company. But in reality, only a professional chess player is able to earn money in surplus.

A player who is not a national champion or state champion cannot get fame and money. So, a good source of income for chess players is to make informative videos about chess, for example: – facts about chess, how to improve your skills, how to hone and sharpen your chess skills, rules and regulations of different chess tournaments, different championship and many more, and post it online via YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform. Chess is a game which is played all around the world but each and every chess player doesn’t have a promising career in chess unlike any other sport like football or cricket. Hence it is very much important for chess players to improve their skills every day.


If a person wants to make chess as his or her career, then determination and consistency is very important as there are a lot of failures in this field. A person must always focus on the game and must not get scared or lose calm. Being calm during a chess game proves always fruitful at the end. A chess player should always maintain his or her reputation and an excellent record so that companies can approach them with their sponsorship. By constantly improving skills and winning tournaments, one can get enough fame and money to be recognized as a professional player.

By: Abhishek Roy

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