Biography of Chess Player

Since the eighteenth century, the world’s leading players have been dazzling the world with their amazing sportsmanship in chess.  it will be good to know the biography of chess player. Boby Fisher was a man of extraordinary intelligence. Unique among those great chess players. Robert James Bobby Fisher, better known as the Emperor of the groom, was born in 1943 in Chicago, USA. Bobby Fisher spent his childhood in poverty. Fisher lost his father when he was only two years old. The Fishers occasionally went hungry until Fisher’s mother, Bezina, got a job as a teacher. After his mother got a job, the family moved to a place called Brooklyn. Six-year-old Bobby Fisher was introduced to chess in Brooklyn. Fisher was first taught the chessboards by his sister. For the first few days, his sister won, but later he always won the feature.

Boby Fisher’s Interest

Fisher’s interest in chess grew day by day. His mother, Regina, was worried about her son. Bobby Fisher entered the world of chess at the age of fifteen. Herman Hems was a renowned chess coach in the United States. Within a very short time, Fisher began to improve rapidly. Little Bobby, a tall, long-faced caused a stir in the world of chess. But the intelligence Fisher showed in chess was the exact opposite in reading and listening. He did not pay any attention to his studies. While teaching in the classroom, during discussions among the students, little Boby thought only about chess. As a result, the inattentive Bobby had to listen to the teacher. As a child, Bobby Fisher carried a pocket chess board with him. Bobby Fisher won the International Grand Master title at the Portz International Tournament. He wanted to leave school but was not allowed because he was not sixteen. Bobby Fisher ended his education at the age of sixteen. He believes that it is better to be a world-class chess player than to be one of the thousands of diploma holders of formal education.

Style of Chess Playing

Gradually, he won one tournament after another. World champion Botvinnik was impressed by Fisher’s style of play. In January 1958, Bobby Fisher began his triumph as United States Champion. He never had to look back Bobby Fisher also defeated world-famous chess players such as Paul Cache, Mikhail Tal, Gligric, and Paul Herman Rechevsky. Even world champions Max Yue and Mikhail Botvinnik gave up. In 1971, Fisher became the World Chess Champion. “It’s my life,” Fisher said. He passed away in January 2008 at the age of sixty-five. He made a sensation in the world of chess with his game.

Garry Kasparov a Great Chess Player

Another legend of chess is Garry Kasparov. In the World Chess Championships held in October and November 2008, India’s renowned chess player Biswanathan Anand defeated Kremnik to retain his previous World Championship title.But despite his achievements, Anand accepts one as one of the world’s best players of all time. That chess player is Garry Kasparov.Garry Kasparov is well known as a chess player. His a few records can not be broken soon. He has been the number one ranking player in the world for the longest time. From 1986 to 2005 Kasparov had the highest E-rating for twenty years. He was also the first player to cross the two thousand eight hundred mark in the FIDE rating.His highest FIDE rating was two thousand eight hundred fifty one. Upto 2005,till his retirement, Kasparov was known as the world’s number one chess player.

Won Many Titles

He win the title ‘Chess Oskar’ for eleventh time in his chess career.Kasparov was born on April 13, 1963, in Baku, Azerbaijan, then in the Soviet Union. His name was Garry Kimovich Kasparov  . At the age of twelve, he changed his mother’s Armenian surname to Kasparov. He was inspired to play chess by his parents as a child. However, his father died of Leukemia when he was seven years old. At the age of ten, he started his training of chess under the world famous chess trainer Vladimir Makogonov.Kasparov learns world-famous techniques such as the Karo-Kan Defense and the Queen’s Gamebit Declined.In 1976, Kasparov won the Soviet Junior Championship of chess.In 1978, as the youngest player, he qualified to play in the ‘Soviet Chess, Championship.In 1980, Kasparov won the World Junior Chess Championship.In 1984, Kasparov played against the then champion Anatoly Karpov for the title of world chess champion.This match was a historic marathon match. After 48 games, Kasparov narrowed the gap to 5-A.

Garry Kasparov Struggles

Due to stress, hard work and exertion, the Karpov loses 10 kg during the game. The match was then declared abandoned.In 1985, he defeated Karpov to begin his era as world chess champion.He has been the FIDE chess champion every time since then.However, in 1993, after a disagreement with FIDE he established a separate chess organisation namely ‘Professional Chess Association ‘.Kasparov later admitted that this was the biggest mistake of his life.He has been the PCA World Champion since.However, in 2001, Kasparov gave the title of PCA World Champion to Kramnik.After winning ‘Linares International Chess Tournament ‘ for ninth times Kasparov took retirement on tenth March of the year 2005 from chess.He said that he had nothing else to get in chess on a personal level. He then participated in Russian politics and once even wanted to participate the Russian presidential election.

In May 1997, Kasparov took part in a chess match against a Deep Blue computer developed by IBM. Deep Blue defeated him by point 3.5-2.5.In January 2003, he played with Deep Junior. The match was a draw.In November 2003, he played against X3D Fridge Computer and drew again.Kasparov, however, does not believe that computers are more intelligent.Kasparov believes that humans are more intelligent and innovative than computers. But the computer doesn’t make mistakes and never gets tired. That’s why the computer has been able to beat him in a few games.

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