Advantages and Challenges of Chess

Chess is one of the most popular indoor games, and it has the advantages and challenges of chess as well. It even helps in improving problem-solving skills. But it also serves as a profession for some. So, there have been championships all around the globe. But there is also a world championship. In this championship, the best chess players in the world compete against each other.

Chess Champions

There have been various chess champions throughout the world. The current champion is Magnus Carlsen. But do you know, who was the first chess champion of the world? According to records, Wilhelm Steinitz was the first chess champion of the world. He was also able to hold the title of world champion for 8 years after winning the first title in 1886. 

During his time, chess was played as a sport which needed financial backing. Before the official chess organization, The International Chess Federation (FIDE), was formed in 1886, the competition was held between the two players. Those two players needed to have a sponsor.

But now the system is different. There are a set of rules that control the progress of the competition. But is there any benefit to following such a sport? If yes, then what are the advantages?

Technological Revolution

If we consider the present scenario, then the technological revolution has been able to destroy the physical and mental exercise of the human population. This change is affecting a large number of people. But the fact is that the number of video games that are being produced every year is making it impossible for the younger generation to take their mind off the virtual world. The consistent usage of digital screens and the excitement that virtual games generate is also making it impossible for gamers to get rid of the habit. The various electronic gadgets like gaming consoles are also creating a separate fan following for the gaming sector.

On the other hand, devices like smartphones and tablets are also making it possible for Gen Z to continue their games with their friends from the comfort of their couches. The constant availability of the internet is keeping the younger generation away from physical activity and the thrill that an actual or real-world game provides to the players as well as the spectators.

Chess is a Game of Champions

The same is not the case with chess. Chess is a game of champions. It allows a player to show their thinking skill to the world. The feel of the wooden chess pieces is out of this world. The chess pieces are of two colours. The colours are mainly white and back. But the wooden pieces have the wooden brown colour and black colour. Even the chessboard is black and white.

The sheer excitement of every step in a game of chess can put you in an arena where different fighters are fighting it out to win the game for their respective kings. The capability of various chess pieces also adds to the excitement. As the players keep making their moves, the limitations of certain chess pieces also make it difficult to defend the game at one point. It makes the game even more attractive.

But there need to be some promotional activities that can showcase the plus points of the game to the new generations. We can even keep promoting small competitions at various levels in the country to promote the sport. The levels can be that of school, district, state and national. 

Performance Matters A lot

The performance of Viswanathan Anand in the world of chess can also be taken as a motivation to push the game of chess to a wider audience. He has been able to make India proud by becoming the World chess champion on five occasions. He achieved this feat between 2000 and 2015. He has also been able to motivate various players in our country and in various other countries to become professional chess players. One such example is Magnus Carlsen. On the other hand, Anand’s mother has been his inspiration and also a mentor. She used to play chess with him regularly and was the first one who taught him this beautiful game.


But despite all this, chess is slowly losing a bit of shine. To regain that lost shine, there need to be some serious steps that can save the game as well as the future generations from becoming lazy and less mentally sound. Games like chess can give the required kick to the thinking process of a young mind. But the steps need to be at the basic level. If some schools also try to promote sports along with regular courses, then it will be beneficial for all the students and upcoming stars of India. Maybe we will be able to get another Viswanathan Anand and create another storm in the field of chess or even in any other field. 

Chess is not only a game but a source of learning. It can teach you to keep fighting in your life, until your last breath. 

When you see a good move, look for a better one.” – Emanuel Lasker

By: Raunak Jha

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